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Your key to retail success

Knowing the reasons behind what’s selling in your store is the key to unlocking and growing sales. With the right tools, your business can achieve this as well as boost sales conversion rates exponentially.

Highly product centric interface

See your products and the patterns behind them. Our software figures out the rest behind the scenes, removing the intimidating nature of conventional BI and analytics tools.

Software done simply

Pattern prioritises the user experience so the software is easier to use by non-BI prone team members and tech experts alike, focusing on delivering value everyday quickly and for whatever query is required of it.

Meta data analysis

Pattern makes looking at, filtering and sorting all of your data points quick and easy. It also analyses the underlying performance of your product attributes to go deeper into the data and give you access to the trends in your customers purchasing behaviour.

Powerful product performance metrics

Pattern comes with performance metrics that are developed specifically for fashion retail and allow you to analyse your ranges accurately, easily and rate each product’s performance.

Relevant data in seconds

With Pattern, ad hoc business queries around product and business performance can be generated and solved in seconds vs most existing spreadsheet based performance analysis.

Let’s do this!

Does your team understand why products are selling in your store up-to-the-minute?