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Intelligent Fashion Allocation & Replenishment

Fashion Allocation is an underestimated apparel retail challenge.

Imagine a brand has 5,000 active products in the business. Each item has an average of 5 sizes. If you have 15 locations you now have 375,000 unique forecasting requirements every week. If you have 50 stores that number is 1,250,000! You simply can’t manage this in spreadsheets with an army of allocators.

The workaround? Forecast demand at higher levels in the data like category or supertype. This gets you part of the way but the outliers – the good or bad sellers you want to catch – get under or overstocked which means critical missed sales and markdowns.

As growing fashion brands expand their reach, growing margins and efficiencies are critical if the business is to scale profitably. How to do this without adding on headcount and more spreadsheets?

Pattern Intelligent Allocation & Replenishment leverages leading retail science and machine learning to forecast every individual SKU/store combination (with or without sales history) daily, to ensure you get the right stock into the right stores at the right time and price.

We’ve automated the traditional time-consuming store planning and allocation process that took Planners and Allocators days & weeks to complete in minutes, freeing your teams up to focus on valuable analysis and optimisation decisions.

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